Bakithi Kumalo

There was a boy whose back garden met mine, we were friends at school, his name was Chris Shaw (and probably still is).

We used to dance around his living room to this song (aged 10 or 11).

Later I discovered there are three bass tracks in the song, two by Bakithi and a fretless melody line played by Paul Simon.  The bass break at 3:43 (undoubtably my first air bass moment) was recorded on Bakithi’s birthday, which fell on one of the session days I expect.  The slap line was recorded and then repeated in reverse, complete with with strange tape sucking sounds.

You can find out much more about Bakithi Kumalo and his music here.

Another truly wonderful example of his playing can be found here.  This video of “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes” can put a shine on any day, guaranteed.

One response to “Bakithi Kumalo

  1. Thanks for sharing the sustaining wonder of live music.It sure sounds like Living Colour meets a key criteria I hold for music: Made by and played by people who love music. ‘nuf said.

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