Jane’s Addiction – Eric Avery

Eric Avery – bassist for Jane’s Addiction shown above and in the bottom left of the photo to the right.

The “Ritual de lo Habitual” album is today’s time-travel prescription. Released in 1990 it blends Dave Navarro’s screaming guitar, Eric A’s hypnotic snarling bass with the pounding tribal drumming of Stephen Perkins and the pure erotic insanity of Perry Farrell.

Track 1 – STOP

“Senores y Senoras,” — Ladies and Gentlemen,
“nosotros tenemos mas influencia” — we have more influence
“con sus hijos que tu tiene,” — over your children than you do,
“pero los queremos…” — but we love them…
“creado y regalo” — created and a gift (bred and spread)
“de los angeles” — of the angels (from Los Angeles)
“Jauna’s Addiction” — Jane’s Addiction.

Pure sex.  Sorry for the poor audio quality.  Blame Youtube (whose pimping of crappy versions of ‘user uploaded’ music so they can advertise at us and cheapen all that is good and true) and their terrible compression algorhythms.  And the inability of most people to really tell the difference.  And my sh%tty grammar (twice ;o)

 Cut Shallow Radio has the great blog posting about the band and this particular record.  You can read the full track listing, search and listen online.   If you like it, buy, beg or steal a real copy – the mix and production are both really quite nice on this record.  I implore you to teach yourself the difference!  On an aside from an aside I once heard George Massenburg talk about how ‘there’s something missing in an MP3, we don’t know what it is yet but the difference is real.’  I was actually reading a mastering engineers website today who has proprietary software to fill in the gaps between the samples, creating an unaliased waveform that no longer saps a persons energy.  On an aside from an aside from an aside, if this makes no sense you can find a decent explanation of how digital audio works here and an explanation of audio aliasing here.

Rant and meta-rant over …..     Moving along deftly ….

Track 5 – Been Caught Stealing

This was the first song of Jane’s Addiction that I heard, probably even saw the video on MTV at Simon Beach’s house one saturday afternoon.  The image of that cross dresser sticking pineapples up his dress is worth the price of admission alone.  The bassline, in the unusual key of G#/Ab is actaully pretty tricky to make sit well.  Three notes played in a swung sixteenth feel that may be a hair staighter than the drums…. also some great funky note choices on the contrasting section, surprising angles.  Great video, great song.

One of my favourite things about albums is those delightful moments of contrast between unlikely bedfellows.

Click here now!! – Track 6 – Three Days

(The joke used to be that the song is three days long – but stay with it – it’s absolutely worth it.)

Eric has been quoted as saying that his style is very influenced by his acoustic guitar playing.  All these songs have grinding, hypnotic lines with this incredible swinging drive, great examples of why you SHOULD learn to play bass with a pick (It was over 15 years til I did).  The bass part here has a little bit of everything – I’m listening for the second time and hearing incredible ideas executed with passion and commitment.  In here you can the Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin in abundance and I will send a prize to whoever points out the Joy Division derived bass interlude….

Track 7 – And then she did – Live in NYC

Transcendant music unconstrained by the modern curse of the ❤ minute attention span.  Also look who’s on bass… what a wonderfully small world it really is.

Track 9 – Classic Girl

Sadly Eric (and Dave) left the band after the 13 month tour that accompanied this record.  Eric’s been involved in all sorts of musical projects (and Dave joined the Chili Peppers after John Frusciante swam out to sea through the sewers to record “One Hot Minute”).  Perry and Stephen went on to form Porno for Pyros with Martyn Lenoble and Peter DiStefano – the first record has some really cool things going on, maybe I’ll dig around and see if I can find it..

Thanks for joining me on this trip. Thanks for enduring my rants. Thanks for being interested.  Til next time..


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  1. I appreciate you for sharing

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