Mark King solo bass

This is the first time I ever noticed a bass player.  Came home late one night around 1990, switched on the tv to find this concert segment of him playing alone … I was a drummer at the time and this blew me away.


Looking back and listening now there are a few things that I notice..

1) The massive Stanley Clarke influence.  Alembic bass with super light strings, the bends, the slap sound – the whole concept can be taken back to some of Mr Clarke’s recordings and live performances.

2) The way he made Stanley’s thing his own… particularly love the machine gun triplets that develop through the piece to the climax.

3) The rise in tempo from 0:50 to 1:10; it kicks the energy up in the crowd and sounds entirely natural and musical.

4) The LED’s in the neck are soooo smooooooth 🙂 Why was the only other guy to do this Nick Fyffe? (the second Jamiroquai bass player) Bring it back!

I literally spent months and years trying to duplicate and develop what I saw here (in some ways I’m still getting over it).  In 2002 I opened a show at Royal Ascot with Mark King and Gary Husband were headlining, sadly I didn’t get to meet him to say thanks.

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